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ECT CarePhone sets new standard

With the introduction of ECT CarePhone, a new standard within design and functionality has been set for alarm pendants, for elderly and disabled.

We have been wondering, why alarm pendants worn be elderly and disabled individuals, only developed slowly, when so much could be done. Alarm pendants have become smaller, but beside of that, barely any innovation took place.

We decided to aim for setting a new standard. Because you have to move to a nursery home, you don't want to lose your dignity. Wearing medical equipment look-a-like pendant makes you look more dependent. Going for a sleek Scandinavian design, was the first step.

Looking at the usability and functionality a wide of improvements has been introduced. Two way communications through the built in microphone and loudspeaker, creates comfort for the person who has activated the alarm and at the same time reduces the number of dispatches for false alarms. The one button operation of the pendant removes the risk of turning of the pendant accidentally.

The first distribution contracts have already been signed, and there are more to come.

Published: Friday, October 25, 2013

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